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Unisex Fragrance

25°16'N, 110°16'E


Molton Brown USA   May Contain Serenity

Set sail on a bamboo raft, along the banks of the River Li. Silk billowing in the breeze. A sip of steaming white tea. Crisp. Fresh. Almost edible.

Product Code: FF003

Size: 1.7fl oz

Molton Brown USA   London via China Molton Brown USA   The Way We Blend It

A top note of pink berries & vegetal notes.
Middle notes of Osmanthus absolute
& white tea.
A base of white musks & vetiver.

The Fragrance Type Molton Brown USA   Floral Musky Molton Brown USA   The Way We Say It

lee - jee - ang

Molton Brown USA   LIJIANG Unisex Fragrance by Molton Brown