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Royal Warrant
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Molton Brown USA   A nose for fragrance I loved being given the opportunity to use precious, natural raw materials to enhance my creativity.

Jennifer Jambon is our Principal Perfumer. The nose behind Navigations Through Scent.

Jennifer studied the art and science of perfumery in France: A degree in Biochemistry, at Rennes, a Masters in Flavour and Perfume Chemistry at Le Havre and a Distinction in Perfume Studies at Versailles.

Since then, Jennifer's career has taken her around the world. From Switzerland, to Ireland, to Chile, to London.

I used my own memories, emotions & experiences to connect with each fragrance, entwined with colour & the environment.
Molton Brown USA   I dream of perfume, and perfurme makes me dream Molton Brown USA  Molton Brown USA   it was my dream to develop unique artisan fragrances which resonated with the wearer in a personal way