Molton Brown US - Home Fragrance Range - luxury scented candles and room sprays
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The Story New and Improved

Our extended range of scented candles and room sprays puts the preciousness of your downtime hours first. With potent essential oils, superior fragrance delivery and artisan craftsmanship, this collection ensures your home is enkindled with feelings of tranquillity, warmth and energy.


From the citrus burst of golden solstice to the deep aroma of imp's whisper, our extended range of candles uses startling blends of captivating plant extracts and an improved form of wax for optimum burning time, all housed in hand-blown glass holders.

Scented Candles Room Sprays Behind the Scenes
A Family Extended

We've extended our candle range to a wider variety of sizes, so you can choose a candle to suit any space. The range includes small piccolos, single-wick medios, three-wick fortes and - for the ultimate home fragrance experience - luxury six-wick grande sizes. Our home fragrance family also includes five home ambiente room sprays, providing an instant hit of your favourite scents.

Piccolo Medio Forte Grande
The last word

Bolder, brighter and better at delivering our iconic fragrance blends - our new Home Fragrance collection makes a home how it should be. Shop the full collection now »