Product FAQs
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Product FAQs

1: Once opened, how long are your products safe to use?

You can find this out on both the product container and outer carton (if any). As part of EU cosmetic directives (a.k.a. the rules the beauty industry have to follow in Europe), the Period After Opening (PAO) appears as a little picture of an open jar with a number displayed in the middle.

The number tells you how long an opened product can be kept (for instance, 12M indicates 12 months).

We'll let you know the PAO information for our personal care products such as our bath and body, hand washes and lotions, hair products and skincare. We don't provide this information for our candles, fragrances for the home or accessories.

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2: I think my product might have gone off. What should I do?

The testing carried out during the development of our products makes sure that they're all safe and perform at their very best for a minimum of three years since we blended them at our Elsenham factory in the UK.

If you do spot any changes in the appearance or performance of any of our products, our Quality Review team is on hand to investigate and retest the products to ensure their quality hasn't been affected.

Simply send the product(s) together with your postal address and copies of any correspondence you've had with our Customer Service team to our Customer Feedback Manager at this address:

Returns Department
Molton Brown
One Penn Plaza
Suite 2207
New York
NY 10119

For peace of mind, send the product(s) back via traceable delivery or have proof of postage in case they go missing in the post.

Our Quality Review team will then carry out a full investigation. This should take approximately 4 weeks after posting your item. Our Customer Feedback Coordinator will then let you know their findings.

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3: Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

The majority of our products are fine to use during pregnancy but we would recommend that a patch test is performed if the products are being used for the first time or if there has been a period where our brand has not been used on the skin. The skin can become more sensitized during and after the pregnancy months so we would recommend checking against personal reaction before using a product all over your body. Our body remedies sleep range does contain lavender oil - it is advisable to seek medical advice from your doctor regarding these products.

If there are ever any uncertainties we would recommend that you consult your doctor before use.

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4: Do you test your products on animals?

We've been awarded the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval by Cruelty Free International, certifying all of our products to be free from animal tests under the International Humane Cosmetics and Household Products Standards.

An independent testing company runs all our skin, eye and SPF tests on human volunteers - we never test our products on animals.

We always try to use as many naturally derived ingredients as possible, which we source from around the world.

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5: Are your products suitable for vegans?

We always try to use as many naturally derived ingredients as possible, which we source from around the world, some of which are 'animal derived'.

We use Keratin which is derived from sheep's wool obtained once the sheep has been sheared. Shearing sheep does not harm the animal and is in fact beneficial to their health and hygiene.

We also use beeswax and honey, but again harvesting these does not harm the bees or their hives.

Our shaving brushes use carefully sourced Badger hair since lots of research showed these are the best bristles for the perfect shave. Constantly wet, full of endless lather and subjected to sharp beard bristles, brush fibres need to be tough (yet soft on the skin).

Our products are not approved by The Vegan Society or The Vegetarian Society.

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6: Are your products paraben free?

The majority of our blends are paraben-free. We have listened to customers’ concerns and aim to use other types of preservatives where possible. We like to keep our customers informed so here are the four blends that contain safe and legal parabens:

- Bracing Silverbirch Thermal Muscle Soak: methylparaben
- Cloudberry Nurturing Shampoo: methylparaben, ethylparabem
- Hydrate - Desert Bloom Intense Foot Rescue: propylparaben
- Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrosoak: methylparaben

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7: Are your products sodium laureth sulfate free?

Our products are not SLES free.

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) is part of a family of ingredients known as surfactants. They've been widely used for many years as a cleansing agent in personal care products such as body wash, shampoo and toothpaste. We know from scientific studies that SLES is safe for use in cosmetics and toiletries and is widely used in the EU, USA and Japan.

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8: I'd like to become a product tester for Molton Brown. Can I do this?

We test our products using a reputable third party test house with professionals who are highly trained. This means we have efficient and accurate information to meet our business needs.

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9: Can I buy the chrome wall dispensers I've spotted in hotels?

Sorry, our chrome wall dispensers are exclusive to our hotel partnerships. They aren't sold as retail products so can't be bought for personal use.

It's not all bad news - we've got some hand wash and lotion accessories available for purchase. View our hand wash holders range »

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10: Are your products safe for children?

All our products contain ingredients of the highest quality and at levels that are globally recommended for safe use (however they are not formulated for children under three). We also carry out an extensive product safety testing process.

Molton Brown is fully compliant with the EU cosmetic directive and all other leading cosmetic regulations globally.

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11: Do you offer free samples?

We like to treat you so we include a sample with every order - you can choose your favourite during checkout. If you've seen one of our products that has really caught your eye and you'd love to try it, let us know by following the below instructions:

Once you've made your order, call our Customer Helpline team toll free on 1-866-933-2344, who are by the phones 24 hours a day, every day. If you'd prefer, email with your sample request - don't forget to quote your most recent order number*. Samples are subject to availability and are limited to two per request. If we don't have the samples you've chosen this time, we'll make sure we replace them with alternatives we think you'd like.

To get a taste of our entire product range (and enjoy an impromptu shopping spree), pop into your nearest Molton Brown store for a consultation. Find your nearest store here »

*Only orders that have been made within a month of your sample request will be considered.

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12: Can I buy your sample-sized products as wedding favours or for goody bags?

Sorry, we don't sell our samples so we can't offer them as wedding favours or goody bags.

Twice a year we run special offers in our stores, department store concessions and online, usually after Christmas and during June and July. As part of this we tend to include special sets consisting of 10 x 1.7fl oz products in a variety of fragrances which are perfect for wedding favours or goody bags.

To stay in the know about our latest must-haves, new product launches, gift ideas and exclusive news, including any promotional offers, join our newsletter here or click on the 'newsletter sign up' link at the top of the page.

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13: Can I buy pumps for my body washes?

Our bath and shower gels are made with flip top lids which allow you to easily control the perfect amount of gel you'd like to use. We think the flip tops are much better travel companions (if you're doing a spot of globetrotting and can't be parted from your 10fl oz bottle). Our hand washes, lotions and body creams are made with the pump tops attached but we don't sell these separately.

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