Skincare on the Move
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Skincare on the Move

Molton Brown Hotel Skincare on the Move products:

Molton Brown USA

Deep-clean Mineral Ions Facewash

London via South Africa
Out with urban grime. In with balanced, clear skin.
The problem: Excess oils and surface dirt.
The answer: An active mineral complex of calcium, magnesium and potassium with South African buchu plant extract.
How it works:
-Gently removes dirt which can lead to blemishes.
-Helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Molton Brown USA

Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver

London via France
Out with 'stiff upper lip'. In with 'pucker up'.
The problem: Chapped, flaky lips caused by extreme weather conditions.
The answer: French honey with beeswax and vitamin E.
How it works:
-Helps to hydrate dry, out-of-condition skin.
-Creates a fine moisture barrier.

Molton Brown USA

Vita B3 Eye Concentrate

London via Prague
Out with the appearance of dark shadows, puffiness and fine lines.
In with an eye serum for a smoother, brighter looking eye area that appears less lined and puffy.
The proof: 39% decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (Clinical data following 56 days of use by 30 women.)
The way we blend it
-Vitamin B3 and ash bark complex: combats dark shadows and puffiness.
-Tetra-peptide complex: helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Molton Brown USA

Peruvian Maca Anti-Ageing Hydra-Crème

London via Peru
Out with dull-looking skin that’s losing its youthful glow.
In with an anti-ageing moisturiser giving luminous, smooth-looking skin with a firmer, hydrated feel.
The proof: significant reduction in the number of wrinkles by over 40%. (Clinical data following 56 days of use by 30 women.)
Skin type: normal (as can be).
The way we blend it
- Peruvian maca plant: reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps skin look more radiant.
- Tamarind fruit seed: helps hydrate and firm.
- Tetra and oligo peptides: help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Molton Brown USA

Conditioning Olibanum Supershave

London via India
Out with skin stripped by shaving. In with a hydrating shaving experience.
The problem: Dry skin, irritated by shaving.
The answer: Indian olibanum (aka frankincense) and vitamin E.
How it works:
-Gives a close shave with a rich creamy lather. -Softens hairs for a comfortable shave.
-Leaves skin conditioned, not sore.