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Keep skin healthy and toned from tip-to-toe with our clinically proven anti-aging bodycare products.


Neck and decolletage creme

  • With cupped hands rub in the crème by circling from the outside of the bust, moving inwards and back. Repeat 3 times (i).
  • Stimulate circulation by doing a quick "tapotement" massage, with light tapping movements around the bust (ii).
  • With flat hands sweep the cream in long upward strokes from between the bust, up across the chest, out to the shoulders, up to the neck and chin and around the neck (iii).

Neck and decolletage creme

  • Starting on the left side, use both hands to sweep crème up to the thigh from the ankle (i).
  • Massage crème deeply into the ankle and knee joints with firm fingertips (ii).
  • On the upper thigh use wringing movements to encourage circulation and product distribution. Repeat the above on the right side (iii).
  • Using firm, sweeping strokes with your palms, massage crème into the hips, adomen, buttocks and lower back (iv).
  • Move to your left arm and massage in with sweeping palm strokes (v).



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