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Facialists Tip

Helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizes and firms.

  • Morning and night after toning, pump 2-3 pumps onto dry hands.
  • Sweep the moisturizer with your fingertips, from the base
    of the neck, up to the chin (i), then outwards across the jaw line, upper lip and cheeks (ii).
  • Sweep up the bridge of the nose and out across the forehead and temples (iii).
  • Repeat these steps until moisturizer is completely absorbed.






Next Step Target


Creole Grass Anti-aging Hydracreme

On the dry side

Creole Grass Anti-aging Hydra-crème

OUT WITH dry skin, aged by
the effects of pollution and
the elements.

IN WITH age-defying
hydration for less lined, more
comfortable skin.


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Rosa Fruit Anti-aging Hydracreme

On the oiy side

Rosa Fruit Anti-aging

OUT WITH shiny-looking skin
showing the signs of ageing.

IN WITH firmer, hydrated,
mattified skin with a softer,
more balanced feel.



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Peruvian Maca Anti-aging Hydracreme

Normal as can be

Peruvian Maca Anti-aging

OUT WITH dull-looking skin
that’s losing its youthful glow.

IN WITH luminous,
smooth-looking skin with
a firmer, hydrated feel.



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