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Rosa Absolute

Behind The Blend

London via Lombardia

A private dressing chamber, draped in deepest ruby velvet. Hushed, dark whispers unmasked sub rosa. The theatre of nightfall, a promise full of mystery. Devote your senses to an intoxicating secret.

Voluptuous. Dramatic. Impassioned.

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The fragrance

Rosa Absolute holds the secrets of a darkly luxuriant red rose... spiced up by red berries, cinnamon and clove.

NATHALIE KOOBUSFragrances Essentielles
Top Note - Magnolia Top noteRaspberry &
Heart Note - Lily Of The Valley Heart noteRose absolute
Base Bote - Ylang-Ylang Base NotePatchouli

The Inspiration
Sub rosa

The bath & body collection is inspired by the ancient Italian tradition of sub rosa - under the rose - signifying secrecy; paintings of roses on the ceilings of lavish banquet rooms were a reminder that words spoken under them should remain confidential.

A symbol of love and beauty, our luxurious red rose is sourced from Lombardia in Italy and extracted in its purest, most concentrated form - the absolute.

Pure & precious

A highly concentrated aromatic oil, the absolute is extracted using a low temperature method that captures the rose's fragrance in its potent form.

The long and demanding process helps prevent damage to the delicate fragrance and produces an aroma that is richer and closer to the natural rose scent.

The Story
A secret unmasked

As our story unfolds, the rose's secrecy comes to life through the mysterious paintings of Lombardia's Late Renaissance period. The region's breathtaking landscape and classical, rich heritage set a dramatic backdrop for our intriguing film.

Watch our Contessa, a noble woman of irresistible beauty as she escapes her sumptuous palazzo. A letter unmasks an intoxicating secret...

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An intoxicating

Devote your senses to the new collection, featuring a bath & shower gel, body lotion and eau de toilette.

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