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Fiery Pink Pepper

Behind The Fragrance


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The Creator

Influenced by iconography and images, Carla Chabert’s creative vision speaks of her early film direction career.

For me, this is a flamboyant celebration. I fused an exuberant floral heart with hints of apricot and accents of osmanthus. The overall composition is pink dominant; taking inspiration from the vibrancy of fuchsia. It’s vivid, spirited and alive with sensuality.

CARLA CHABERT, Senior Perfumer


On Film


Rousing and piquant, Fiery Pink Pepper features a signature of osmanthus, with enlivening tangerine and fiery ginger.

Osmanthus is a sweet floral with a leathery kick that echoes that piquancy of the pink pepper. Accents of smoked tea dial up the intensity further. Hints of orange, intrinsic to osmanthus are reminiscent of sun-ripened apricots, adding impressive warmth.

CARLA CHABERT, Senior Perfumer

Olfactive Notes

Eau de Toilette
Spicy pink pepper

Spicy pink pepper with tangerine and elemi

Lively ginger

Lively ginger with jasmine, nutmeg and rose

Rich patchouli

Rich patchouli with cedarwood and oakmoss absolute

Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Signature Flamboyant Osmanthus

Flamboyant Osmanthus What is an olfactive signature?

Rousing pink pepper

Rousing pink pepper with tangerine and ginger

Sumptuous lily of the valley

Sumptuous lily of the valley with jasmine and ciste

Rich patchouli

Rich patchouli with oakmoss, cedarwood and musk


The Collection

Fiery Pink Pepper is fresh and sultry, a smouldering and curious rendition of spicy pink pepper, citrus elemi and floral freesia. The collection includes perfumes, bath, body and hand, and home fragrances.

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