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NEW Geranium Nefertum

Behind The Fragrance

Blur the Lines


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The Fragrance

This fragrance dares to be at ease with something that is not usual. Cool fig leaf mingles with green fig fruit and milky sandalwood to transform a chypre structure. Bergamot, citrus, labdanum and most interestingly geranium inspire an abstract, androgynous sophistication.

Carla Chabert, Senior Perfumer

Top Notes

Top Notes Fig leaf accord and bergamot

Heart Notes

Heart Notes Geranium and jasmine

Base Notes

Base Notes Labdanum, oakmoss accord and sandalwood



London via

The Nile Delta

A kaleidoscope of minty geraniums carpet the temple garden of Nefertum, God of Perfume. Depicted in ancient art as a magnificently daring man who wore a crown fashioned from flowers, including geranium, ‘He Who Is Beautiful’ was the God in an area renowned for its agricultural paradise. It was here that we sourced our extraordinary, minty rose geranium, the heart of this unexpected, unconventional fragrance.

The Collection

Geranium Nefertum is a defiant exploration of self-expression and abstract sophistication, daring the wearer to be at ease with something that is not usual. The mystifying Collection features a Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Eau de Toilette in 1.7fl oz and 3.3fl oz sizes.

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