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Re-Charge Black Pepper

Behind The Fragrance


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The Creator

Jacques Chabert’s instinctive, wildly creative approach makes him a truly original perfumery trailblazer.

I’m passionate about bridging the chasm between citrus and woody fragrances. Re-charge Black Pepper is how I’ve chosen to express this. It debuts with rich, spicy notes accented by soft nuances of bergamot and enhanced with myrtle pepper. The dry-down reveals its woody depth.

Jacques Chabert, Master Perfumer


On Film


Re-charge Black Pepper bridges citrus and woody aromas; its signature ingredient, myrtle pepper, gives it a rich, dimensional finale.

Myrtle pepper has wonderful harmony. It’s a robust and complex pepper with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. I like to think of it as a piquant accent that adds a rich additional dimension; the accompanying rose oil offsets it with deep tonality and an element of surprise.

Jacques Chabert, Master Perfumer

Olfactive Notes

Eau de Toilette
Piquant black pepper

Piquant black pepper with lemon and ginger

Herby coriander

Herby coriander with basil and violet leaf

Earthy vetiver

Earthy vetiver with oakmoss and ambergris

Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Signature Striking Myrtle Pepper

Striking Myrtle Pepper What is an olfactive signature?

Hypnotic cardamom

Hypnotic cardamom with bergamot, coriander and lavandin

Enlivening black pepper

Enlivening black pepper with pink pepper and amber

Robust cedarwood

Robust cedarwood with oakmoss, leather and vetiver


The Collection

Re-charge Black Pepper is an adventurous, iconic fragrance, emboldened by aromatic cardamom and piquant, earthy nuances, redolent at the heart. The collection includes perfumes, bath, body and hand, and home fragrances.

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