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Russian Leather

Behind The Fragrance

Ignite The Wilderness


The Fragrance

Intensely woody, smouldering and noble leathery notes intermingle with a Siberian forest’s brisk pine. Ambery vetiver embraces strong, commanding black leather laced with sophisticated cade, leaving an unforgettable impression of a vast wilderness

LoÏc Bisceglie, Perfumer

Top Notes black tea, elemi and purple basil.

Heart Notes Siberian pine, tobacco and birch.

Base Notes leather accord, vetiver and cade.



A Bygone


Historically regarded as the world’s finest leather, Russian Leather has earned legendary status for its rich scent and unsurpassed durability. The aged leather accord in our fragrance reflects the complex craft of seventeenth century leather-making in its unique use of birch oil for tanning and dying – a method practiced by only a few remote Russian villages.

Meet The Perfumer:

LoÏc Bisceglie

Tell us a bit about your style of perfumery?

"I’m a very unconventional perfumer. It’s very difficult to create an unconventional fragrance because it has to be very well balanced."

What inspired you to create the Russian Leather fragrance?

“I imagined being in a forest, smelling the wood from the trees and listening to the crackling camp fire... Sometimes a fragrance needs to be listened to."

How have your experiences influenced your process?

“I remember seeing how leather was made at my grandfather’s workshop when I was very young.  It’s very natural for me to use memories like this in my process.”

What makes Russian Leather so unique?

"It’s the depth of ingredients; the smoky parts and raw parts with intense cade and birch used to reflect its unique complexity."

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Siberian pine oil mingles with aged leather accord, smoky black tea and deep tobacco uplifted by elemi, vetiver and spicy purple basil in an evocative fragrance featuring a bodywash, eau de toilette and scented candles.

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