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Your Fall Scents Guide

Your Fall Scents Guide

A Year in Fragrance


Fall’s joys surely lie in conkers landing on damp earth, mugs of warming tea and enduringwoody, aromatic and earthy fragrances to cloak the home in a comforting ambience.

Black Pepper Candle and Tobacco Absolute Aroma Reeds

Dial up the warmth

From wholesome rambles in the grand outdoors to layering up and bringing back the blankets and throws – both functional and decorative – dial up the soothing seasonal mood with a scented candle or better yet, layer your fragrances with several candles.

Alight Tobacco Absolute Single-Wick Candle for a warm and woody fragrance; then group several single candles beside it to intensify the scent profile. Not cold enough for candles? Layer your fragrances with Aroma Reeds to deepen the aroma – the perceptible height difference creates an elegant impression.

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Russian Leather Single-Wick Candle and Rosa Absolute Three-Wick Candle

Opulent jewel tones

The turn of the season is prime time to introduce opulent jewel tones. Pantone’s Merlot, Chicory Coffee, Forest Biome and Antique Moss are harmoniously balanced renditions of burgundy, chocolate brown, racing green and mustard yellow, intended to create a retro-meets-nostalgia aesthetic.

Recreate the look with our collections in myriad colors, expressive of fall and a spirited homage to the season equinox. Debonair navy blue Russian Leather Single-Wick Candle paired with impassioned Rosa Absolute Three-Wick Candle lends a poised accent to any room.

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The turn of the season is prime time to introduce opulent jewel tones.

Russian Leather Collection

Autumnal bake off

Breathe the honeyed notes and warm sincerity of fall into your home with seasonal baking.

Baking – whether that be a sweet treat or a savory delight – is an ideal relaxation technique that encourages mindfulness as you focus almost entirely on the rituals of sifting, kneading, mixing and preparing. Opt for recipes using seasonal produce: the months of September and October are idyllic for bountiful harvests of apples, blackberries, figs, pears and pomegranate. An apple and blackberry crumble will make a showstopper delight at your next dinner party.

An autumnal tablescape

An autumnal tablescape

For those who love to host, make use of subtle textures and warm hues to create an autumnal tablescape that brings the outdoors in.

Oversized branches and flowers in deep rust tones elevate the drama, providing a striking centrepiece that'll set the mood and offer a talking point. Move it aside once dinner starts, so you won't obstruct your guests' view. Continue the ambience with Rosa Absolute Three-Wick Candle.

An autumnal tablescape

Your self-care ritual

Sweater weather calls for an all-essential dose of self-care. Skin naturally feels drier in the colder months; begin by appointing a lengthy bath with your most-loved Bath & Bodywash. Add a few drops to flowing water for an indulgent, memorable ritual before continuing the experience with a luminous Body Oil of choice. Blended with natural argan oils, these elixirs nourish skin and envelop you in beguiling aromas.

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