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Winters At Home

The Power of Bathing

Winter Bathing Ritual

For centuries cultures all over the world have embraced bathing rituals for health, social, and even religious purposes. From traditional Turkish Hamman steam baths to the hot spring ‘Onsen’ experience favored by the Japanese, bathing is thought to cleanse mind, body and soul. Today people flock to lavish spas to discover inner peace. However, with several key ingredients, you can create an immersive bathing ritual from the comfort of your home. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Ylang-Ylang Home

Steam produced from a bath can help to ease symptoms of a cold by flushing the nasal passages.

Oudh Candle

Set the Ambience

Begin your ritual by creating a peaceful setting. Appoint your favorite scented candles - we suggest the hypnotic charm of Oudh Accord & Gold or tranquility-inducing Ylang-Ylang. Candles are thought to stimulate positive emotions and memories through fragrance, and their soft glow is soothing for the eyes. Next, find a water temperature that is just right for you and add the desired amount of your favorite body wash; turn to Infusing Eucalyptus to inspire the senses. For optimum bubbles, pour your chosen potion as the water flows from the tap.

Rosa Absolute Bathing Oil
Bath and Shower Gel Trio

Scientific research has shown that Classical music, in particular, can calm our autonomic nervous system and boost positive emotions.

Enhance Your Soak

People have used salt-based mixtures to restore their skin since ancient times. Adding salts as you prepare your bath will also help to soothe tense muscles and flush out toxins. Rich in minerals, our Re-charge Black Pepper SPORT Muscle Soak will tend to every ache and pain as you happily soak. During the winter, the drop in temperature can be damaging to skin leading to dryness. If you’re feeling the chill, our Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil will leave your skin feeling decadently soft and radiant. Pour generous lashings into your tub when the water is running and let the elixir work its magic.

Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

From Head to Toe

Incorporating a body scrub into your routine can help to remove dead skin cells, reduce ingrown hairs and increase moisture absorption. Packed with exfoliating bamboo stem particles, rub our Fiery Pink Pepper Pampering Body Polisher all-over in an upward circular motion to activate. For lustrous locks find a shampoo and conditioner suited to you. Banish the impurities hair collects throughout the day with our Purifying Hair Care Set infused with Indian cress, or turn to our Repairing Hair Care Set with papyrus reed for extra nourishment.

Stay in the Moment

As you step out of the bath, stay in the moment and embrace your restful state. Bathe your bedroom in candlelight, aroma reeds, and include some soothing music. When your skin is still damp apply a caressing drop of body lotion. For an extra seal of moisture, gently massage a palm-sized amount of body oil where it’s needed. Finally, reinforce your refreshed mindset with a splash of your favorite eau de toilette.

Pink Pepper and Black Pepper EDTs

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