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How to Scent Your Home for Spring.


Your Guide to a Stylish, Colorful Home


A powerful symbol of the calm after the storm, rainbows evoke a feeling of happiness, while myriad other shades are said to have strong effects on our moods. From barely-there pinks to brooding navy blue, discover our rainbow palette of enduring fragrances in memorable hues and inject a little color to your home and heart.

Pink Candle

Pink evokes feelings of nurture and warmth.

Pastel color body wash and lotion


Inspiring pastel hues are a subtle way to elevate the look of your home. Pink evokes feelings of nurture, warmth and love. It can be physically soothing too; add a pink body wash to inspire your evening regime, or place Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Aroma Reeds in the bedroom to encourage a relaxed night in.

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Orange and bergamot body wash and lotion

Use Black Peppercorn Aroma Reeds to enhance focus.


A darker palette is moody and brooding. Brown tones are serious but soft, associated – naturally – with earthiness and the natural world. Known to be ‘quietly supportive’, use 1971 Mandarin & Clary Sage Hand & Body Wash in the bathroom for a moment of restorative indulgence, or place brown candles in your home office to enhance focus.

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Simple and pure, a neutral palette of white provides a clean, uncompromising base, while sunny yellow is confident and optimistic – a spirit-lifter. Orange & Bergamot Fine Liquid Hand Wash is our zesty cult icon, a staple for bustling family kitchens, while Coco & Sandalwood Single-Wick Candle adds white space to any room, and suits your sanctuary year-round.

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Coco and Sandalwood Single-Wick Candle and Linen Mist
Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel Bath and Shower Gel and Body Lotion


Dive deep into blue hues to instill a trusting, serene and calm mood. While soft blue aids concentration by calming the mind, a stronger blue stimulates clear thought and communication. Start the day with Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Bath & Shower Gel and set yourself up for a day of efficiency, or appoint navy blue candles ahead of an important meeting.

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Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Aroma Reeds

Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Aroma Reeds

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1971 Mandarin and Clary Sage Hand and Body Wash

1971 Mandarin & Clary SageHand & Body Wash

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Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Three Wick Candle

Orange & Bergamot Fine Liquid Hand Wash

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Russian Leather Single Wick Candle

Russian LeatherSingle Wick Candle

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