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Eau De Toilette vs Eau De Parfum


Celebrate International Day of Happiness


To celebrate the International Day of Happiness and welcome the spring equinox, we’re sharing our favourite fragrances to uplift, exploring the notes that stimulate joyful experiences.

Eau de Toilette Collection.

... scents spark a response from the emotional centre of our brains.

Eau de Parfum Collection.

Why are scents so powerful upon our mood?

Ever wondered why the smell of freshly cut grass evokes summers past? Or how the warmth of vanilla pods can instantly transport you back to an exact memory of baking cupcakes in your childhood kitchen? There’s scientific evidence behind it, suggesting that scents spark a response from the emotional centre – the limbic region – of our brains. In fact, we naturally crave fragrances that create positive experiences; seeking out notes to help us relax, focus or boost your sense of optimism.

What’s in a note?

According to an ISOT 2004 mood-mapping study, certain notes elicit particular responses. Found in our Fiery Pink Pepper, Flora Luminare and Geranium Nefertum collections to name a few, jasmine has uplifting capabilities that give a feeling of confidence and brightness.

Black Pepper Olfactive Notes
Fiery Pink Pepper bath and shower gel, body oil and EDP

Zesty citrus bergamot is known as a ‘mood-brightener’.

More famously known for its deeply relaxing and soothing properties, lavender is a surprisingly sweet, floral aroma that is quietly uplifting. Seek it out in Vetiver & Grapefruit and Russian Leather to create a elated mood – perfect for banishing the Monday blues.

Zesty, citrus bergamot is known as a ‘mood-brightener’. The star ingredient in our cult iconic Orange & Bergamot Collection, it’s a fresh and invigorating scent that instantly enlivens the spirits. “[Orange & Bergamot] is a celebration of joy and energy,” notes Beverley Bayne, Master Perfumer and creator of the award-winning fragrance.

The mood-mapping study also uncovered that vanilla scents elevate feelings of happiness and relaxation. Find it in ice-cream format or in soothing Milk Musk and Heavenly Gingerlily Eau de Parfum.

Eau de Toilette Collection.

Our pioneering sensory experiences

Made by individuals for individuals, we create bold, distinctive fragrances that are proudly 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free. We’re committed to doing good for the planet, whilst making you feel good. Channel positivity with pioneering sensory experiences to refresh, empower and uplift your senses.

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