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How to make a beautiful bouquet

with The Flower Appreciation Society

The Flower Appreciation Society, known for their passion for wild flower arrangements, have created the finishing touches to our bottles. Here, they share a step-by-step guide on how to make a hand-tied bouquet for Mother’s Day or a spring wedding.

The Flower Appreciation Society The Flower Appreciation Society
Ellie Jauncey - The Flower Appreciation Society

We love making bouquets. Whether for a bride on her wedding day, a friend's birthday or an 'I love you', they always carry such meaning.

Ellie JaunceyThe Flower Appreciation Society

Ellie Jauncey - The Flower Appreciation Society

You will need

  • floristry scissors (to cut stems)
  • twine (to secure bunch)
  • 2 x pieces of A2 paper (to wrap the bouquet)
  • sellotape (to secure paper)
  • ribbon (to make a bow)
Instructions - The Flower Appreciation Society

Flowers to use

The key to making a beautiful bouquet is in the flowers you choose. We love using an assortment of different sizes, shapes and textures of flowers.

Anna dayThe Flower Appreciation Society

Anna Day - The Flower Appreciation Society
Lily of
the valley
Step One

Step 1

Choose an array of different shaped and sized flowers and foliage. Begin by removing all leaves that will sit below the water and de-thorn any roses.

Arrange the flowers into neat groups on the table in front of you.

Step One

Step 2

Select a prominent flower and hold it in one hand. We used lilac. Choose a different shaped flower and place it on top of the first so that the stems diagonally overlap each other.

Continue adding flowers and foliage in this way and keep the bunch varied.

Step Two
Step three

Step 3

Turn the bouquet from time to time, so that you can see every angle. The stems will naturally start to spiral. Cut the stems so that they are all equal in length.

Step three

Step 4

Carefully pull up any flowers which may have slipped down in the bouquet.

When you are happy with your flower arranging, twist a piece of twine around the bouquet to secure the stems.

Step four
Beautiful Wrap Steps

A beautiful wrap

  • Fold diagonally 2 pieces of A2 wrapping paper in half.
  • Place one piece of paper on top of the flowers, pinching it slightly where your hand is and sellotape the corners to secure.
  • Place the second piece of paper on the opposite side and sellotape the edges. You should have six points in all.
  • Wrap a ribbon where the paper is pinched and make a bow.
Beautiful Wrap Steps

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