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Molton Brown USA   Black Peppercorn Body Wash
Molton Brown USA   Black Peppercorn Body Wash

Black Peppercorn Body Wash


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  • Black Pepper Bath & Body Wash


      A luxurious bath and body wash blended with Madagascan Black Peppercorn oil.

      The fragrance
      Top note: refreshing coriander.
      Heart note: black peppercorns.
      Base note: aromatic vetiver.

      Find out more about this blend.

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      London via Madagascar 
      Heated sands. A spice-spiked breeze. Skin warmed by the sun.

      Hot. Spicy. Adventurous.

      Fragrance family: SPICY


      Why you'll love it
      Keeping you clean, fragrant and ready for the day, this award-winning body wash is just the thing to spice up your bathing routine.

      Best for
      Whether it’s for a warm, relaxing bubble bath or a revitalising spicy shower – our Black Peppercorn Body Wash leaves your skin thoroughly clean and scented with warm, herby aromas.


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    Product code: KBT037

    Size: 10fl oz


    Black Peppercorn Body Wash 3.7 5 169 169
    please go back to your earlier formula Molton Brown you are losing your clients as a result of changing your formula.. look at all of your reviews and you will see that everyone notices the change... go back please .. I am going to stop buying black pepper and it was my favorite body wash when it was black pepper recharge. April 6, 2016
    Quality Has Decreased... I used to be obsessed with this product. I feel like they've changed the formulation over the past few months, as my most recent purchases barely have a fragrance and the soap is very runny. March 27, 2016
    Molton Brown is The Criterion Collection of scented body wash I first heard of Molton Brown after reading an article in a Men’s magazine. The article talked about how women spend lots of money on beauty products and go out of their way to look and smell nice for us chaps. So why not return the favor? Molton Brown Body Wash, Black Peppercorn, 10 fl. oz. was the #1 suggested product in the article. It was also the most expensive, but after reading through the reviews on Amazon, I knew I had to try it. THE CONS: I am now addicted to Molton Brown Products. THE PROS: The luxurious and gallant bouquet of manliness. MORE: This is a rich London man’s scent, and after one sniff, you will understand the value of extravagance. The smell does not overwhelm as cheaper products tend to do, but instead the blend breaks open in a natural and satisfying way. The subtle pepperiness engulfs the nostrils and causes the eyes to close slowly in absolute opulence. But don’t let the name fool you, this wash is not spicy, but more of a handcrafted thing of natural bold beauty. My wife loves the way I smell, and I receive compliments everywhere I go. Fantastic! I’ve found this product is nicely paired with: Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar, 8.8 fl. oz. and Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Anti-Perspirant Stick, 2.6 fl. oz. If you want to attract the ladies and remind yourself what it’s like to reek of your most awesome self, than look no further than Molton Brown, for it is The Criterion Collection of scented body wash. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! January 13, 2016
    A Must Have Christmas Gift I'm not sure how many years I have purchased Black Peppercorn Body Wash as Christmas gifts for my son and son-in-law. This year I put it in their stockings. They both thought I had forgotten because they did not unwrap it as a gift. They love the fragrance! I might add that I discovered this product while staying at a hotel that provided these products in your room. Our favorite shower gel. January 7, 2016
    Long-time favorite Although I like other fragrances in the body wash category, I always come back to Black Peppercorn! It's the greatest. December 31, 2015
    must have Refreshing with great fragrance. I would definitely recommend this product. December 19, 2015
    Lost customer Don't know why you changed your formula, but it was a big mistake. I don't plan on buying your products again. Thanks for the previous good service. What do I do now? I liked the fragrance and now I can't get a date! July 13, 2015
    Bring back the old recipe I was a fan of the former Black Peppercorn Body Wash. I recently received my order and was very disappointed with the aroma. It's not as strong and when using this, the smell does not last as long as it had when it was the RECHARGE. I also felt invigorated and ready for the day. My family liked to use my shower after I was done as they all enjoyed the aromas. I beg you to bring back the ORIGINAL RECHARGE. I used to recommend this product, however, I will no longer purchase this until the original is brought back and I will no longer refer anyone to use this product. July 8, 2015
    This was my favorite body wash of all time I have been a loyal Molton Brown customer for over 10 years. So much so that the salespeople at my local department stores used to call me "The Molton Brown Man". because of my love for all things Molton Brown. I am shocked and deeply disappointed in the reformulation of the former Re charge Black pepper body wash. The scent seems neutered and greatly watered down and the aroma does not last or stay with you anywhere near how it used to. Because of this I am sorry to say that Molton Brown has lost me as a customer until this matter is addressed. I sincerely hope that the powers that be take these reviews seriously as I know for a fact that there are thousands more who share my sentiments. What an absolute shame. April 7, 2015
    Timeless scent! Was a lucky houseguest where this was in the shower. From the moment I opened the bottle this peppery, earthy scent felt familiar and comfortable yet uncommon. From that moment it's all I use. November 29, 2014
    Awful. MB ruined the formula. So disappointed. This new formulation does not resemble ReCharge Black Pepper in any way. The texture is watered down, it smells synthetic, and the scent that used to linger beautifully throughout the bath and on the skin is now gone the moment you step out of the shower. The garish color changes and loud packaging further cheapens the overall look of this poor performer. Will not buy this again. Grocery store quality. November 22, 2014
    Inferior to its predecessor Echoing what others have said, what a disappointment the change to the formula has been. Please go back to the original. I miss my "original" black pepper. November 1, 2014
    Roo-roo recommendation_3 I find this the best MB product and use it as often as practical. ie special occasions mostly. It is long lasting and invigorating. September 14, 2014
    A shell of its former self I have always been a skin care enthusiast and enjoy trying new and different products so much that it has always been very rare for me to find something I've stuck with and haven't grown tired of. I think it's happened once in my life and that product was Re-Charge Black Pepper body wash; however, I'm sitting here writing this review because that has finally changed and I currently have another tab open looking for my new go-to body wash. The newly re-branded Black Peppercorn has lost all of its former glory. I initially read the reviews and thought maybe it's just a lighter scent of the fragrance that I've always loved and that's not a deal breaker so I went ahead and ordered it. I couldn't have been more wrong. It retains none of the same scent that it once was; in fact it doesn't even smell good at all anymore. Molton Brown, if you're listening please please bring back the original. Until then I will not be repurchasing and you have lost a very loyal customer. July 3, 2014
    Disappointed Adding my voice to those of other long-time customers who are heartbroken about the reformuiation. There is no comparison between the Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Wash and the new product, which I returned. I am cherishing the last drops of my beloved Re-Charge. I never minded that the gorgeous, dark color of the wash would fade slightly over time. Nor did the wash ever dry my skin despite the 'parabens'. A truly unique and timeless product has been lost, please bring it back, maybe as a Men's line? May 30, 2014
    Executive Smell Just as good as the old Peppercorn Wash very nice distinctive smell which gives you the right start to the day with confidence & class. May 22, 2014
    Reformulate Again! Agree with recent reviews noting the "downguage" of this product. I happened to have a small sample bottle of the old Recharge body wash which I used in a side-by-side test with the new Black Peppercorn Wash. The "old" is definitely better than the "new." Interestingly, I used to think the peppercorn body bar was weaker than the Recharge body wash. Now, it's exactly the opposite! The soap is far more fragrant than the body wash. May 21, 2014
    Not happy Customers are talking but Molton Brown is not listening. The scent is not as potent. The lather does lack. This product is not the same. I still have a bit of recharge black pepper and have tried vs the new. I will begin to try other brands. Save the mundane corporate reply. May 17, 2014
    PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL! I found out about re-charge black pepper (the original) about a year and half ago and had been buying it ever since. I was convinced it was the only body wash I would use. No other body wash on the market even came close to the re-charge black pepper in terms quality, scent, feeling on your skin or any other category you could think of. I was skeptical about trying out this new formula based on the reviews of other users but I wanted to try it for myself and see what it was like. All I have to say is that the other reviewers are completely right, this new stuff is awful. Black peppercorn is no where near the quality of re-charge black pepper. I still have a little bit of the re-charge left and even just smelling the two, re-charge smells like a more full, quality and luxurious body wash. When you smell the black peppercorn it smells like any other ordinary body wash. I'm sorry to say but I will no longer be purchasing this product. It stinks because the older stuff was SO GOOD and I really don't get the reason for the change. I get it's a business and you guys want to change things up and keep things fresh and I've even read your follow up comments on other reviews on your logic behind the change, but this was just an poor decision on the part of leadership to allow this change to occur to their best product. I really hope you guys bring back the old formulas (maybe even offer both the new and old scents as different lines), or at least bring the re-charge black pepper back because there are a lot of unhappy faithful customers out there you guys just snubbed by doing this change. Please guys, bring the original back. April 21, 2014
    Ruined Although I would use other fragrances from time to time, Re-Charge Black Pepper was the one I used the majority of the time. Sadly, this product has been ruined for me. I can barely smell anything in the shower, and once my skin has dried the fragrance is almost nonexistent. I cannot justify spending this much money on a product that has been weakened so much, so I will not be buying any more of this reformulated blend. A big reason for using this blend in the past was to keep me smelling fresh all day, and this new blend does not do that. April 12, 2014
    If it's not broke, don't fix it!! I have been using the re-charge black pepper for 2 years now... And I have to agree, this new bottle just isn't packing the punch like it used to.. It wears off way too fast. I honestly can't tell you how many people over the years have asked what scent I'm wearing, then I give them my whole molton brown spill.. Listen to your customers... If something changed, please please please go back to the old way. I am a loyal customer and will continue to be, but I do miss the lingering scent that was once re-charge black pepper. I will continue using the black peppercorn, and would still recommend it everyone! March 28, 2014
    WHY mess with perfection?! WHY WHY WHY Molton Brown did you mess with our beloved re-charge black pepper?! It was sheer perfection. Now, it is a shell of its former self. No longer does the intoxicating scent linger on my man's skin all day. This is so depressing. Same with Heavenly Gingerlily. PLEASE go back to the old formulas. Until then, I hate to say it, but you've lost a very loyal customer. March 27, 2014
    Not the Same!! I just tried the new formula (as I ran out of my last drop of Re-charge BP) and I am totally dumbfounded!! Why would Molton Brown feel the need to change anything about such a fantastic and successful product? As other posters have noted - the new formula doesn't lather up very well - and I agree. However, the core of the problem is the SCENT. The previous scent was so strong and distinctive. My wife always used to comment that the bathroom was filled with its scent and she could smell it on my skin for hours. This is no longer the case - the smell evaporates in a very short time (minutes compared to hours). This used to be my favorite body wash ever. But now I'll never buy it again. Please admit your mistake and bring back re-charge black pepper body wash! March 6, 2014
    Wake-up Wash This is definitely my favorite or "go-to" body wash. Any morning I need a bit of spice in my life before I start the day I choose Black Peppercorn body wash. The fragrance catches my attention right away, and seems to stay with me for quite a while after showering. The texture, performance and quality is like the other washes by Molton Brown which is to say excellent. I've been using this wash and its forerunner for several years now and even though I've purchased others, I always keep one of these on hand. March 5, 2014
    Black Peppercorn Body Wash What a disappointment when I tried the new product! Why do MB want to change such a successful line? As previous reviewers have stated, the fragrance is much less intense and fades quickly away. February 2, 2014
    dont bother purchasing the new formula new formula for all scents is too light and drying to skin. Too bad, I used to love this brand. January 12, 2014
    masculine fragrance Nice smell and great lather, I do like the bucha bodywash the best, next silver burch then the peppercorn. October 8, 2013
    Good but not great I think reading all the great reviews on this product put my expectations to high. It is a good product but I was expecting more for the price. Doesn't take much to get a nice rich lather but I could barely smell it at all. Got a smell of it a couple times in the next couple hours after showering. Some reviews said it was warming which I did not notice at all. Not sure if I will buy again or not, after a few more uses I will decide. Will probially try other products from Molton Brown in the future. September 1, 2013
    Must Have! My husband and I BOTH love the Re-Charge Black Pepper Bodywash! We first received it as a small sample size toiletry at a hotel and found that we could not do without it! We've had at least one bottle in the house ever since. We make a point of reordering early so there is no chance we will ever run out. The scent is great for a man or a woman. As the name says, it revives and awakens the senses! It's a special treat even when you use it every day! August 17, 2013
    My "go-to" Body wash There is nothing bad I can say about Molton Brown. I've been using Black Pepper Recharge since the day it was launched. One time I even caught my best friend trying to put it in his bag before leaving back for his home state and I about took his arm off. There you have it Molton Brown....Some one will lose a limb if they try and take my stash!! May 25, 2013
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