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Molton Brown USA   Ylang-Ylang Body Wash
Molton Brown USA   Ylang-Ylang Body Wash

Ylang-Ylang Body Wash


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  • Ylang-Ylang Bath & Body Wash


      A relaxing, luxurious bath and body wash blended with yuan zhi extract and Madagascan ylang-ylang oil to help re-balance.

      The fragrance
      Top note: ylang-ylang.
      Heart note: sweet cardamom.
      Base note: musk.

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      London via Madagascar
      Secrets from the rainforest. Sun-warmed woods. Dozing heads beneath the canopy. Press the pause button and get ready to unwind.

      Rich. Peaceful. Harmonious.

      Fragrance Family: FLORIENTAL


      Why you'll love it
      In need of some me-time? Then try our relaxing shower gel, blending plant extracts traditionally believed to help bring harmony to tired minds. Ideal for a soothing soak in the bath.

      Best for
      Created specifically for those in need of a little rest and relaxation, this relaxing shower gel includes plant extracts traditionally believed to help promote a sense of calm.


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    Product code: KBT041

    Size: 10fl oz


    Ylang-Ylang Body Wash 4.3 5 54 54
    My Absolute Favorite of the Body Washes!! I absolutely love this body wash. The fragrance stays with you. It is also great to layer this with the Ylang-Ylang fragrance. It feels great on my skin afterwards. September 20, 2016
    love that ylang ylang body wash and all molton brown products No article fruity smell. Lasts longer. Has a thick texture unlike the ones that smell disappears December 31, 2015
    What happened to quality? I used to love all MB body washes, but it now takes tons of squirts to get even meager bubbles, and those don't last! Bring back the quality! Love the fragrance, but quality feels like drugstore now. Sorry.... Also, could you please eliminate the parabens to be safer? Will pay more for the MB I used to love. October 1, 2015
    New formulation huge disappointment, no better than drugstore brand now So disappointed. This new formulation does not resemble the old, beloved Relaxing Yuan-Zhi in any way. The scent is watered down, as is the texture, and the scent that used to linger beautifully throughout the bath and on the skin is now gone the moment you step out of the shower. The garish color and loud packaging further cheapens the overall look of this poor performer. Will not buy this again. Grocery store quality. November 22, 2014
    Great Discovery!! I found this fragrance while on vacation in Switzerland. It was offered at one of our hotels. I found it to be so relaxing, and such a pleasant fragrance . . . . now I use it (along with the body lotion companion) every day. Just wish the fragrance would last a bit longer. THANK YOU Molton Brown!! September 24, 2014
    I'm disappointed I ordered Ylang Ylang Body Wash - was supposed to be same as Yuan Zhi, the fragrance I got years ago but it is not and I don't like it. June 21, 2014
    Guaranteed sweet dreams! A sample size of this product is what introduced me to Molton Brown, and I've been in love ever since! It is the most soothing scent ever; perfect for an evening shower or bath. I accidentally left my mini bottle with the silver cap in a public bath over the weekend and I'm crushed... June 4, 2014
    Body Wash Ylang-Ylang I really like the smell of this body wash. The reason I wanted to try it is because my husband's Molton Brown body wash stays on him a long time after he showers...Please make more bath products for women.... May 14, 2014
    Bring back Yuan Zhi Please! I can't understand why manufacturers fix something that "ain't" broke! I am a long time user of Yuan Zhi body wash and am very disappointed to see it has been discontinued. I bought 4 of the new fragrance to take advantage of discount & free shipping and now am sorry I am stuck with all this Ylang Ylang which I don't like as well. May 3, 2014
    No Longer Satisfied I ordered this product (and a few others) thinking that people were overreacting to the release of the new formula. Boy was I wrong! The scent right out of the bottle is similar, but the consistency seems thinner and the smell definitely does not linger anywhere near as long as the Relaxing Yuan Zhi. It is very disappointing because this product costs so much. Before I could justify the expense because the quality was unparallelled. Now, I feel like I could find something just as good for $10. Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever order from MB again. April 11, 2014
    Is not a replacement for Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath & Shower I have been a long-time customer and advocate of the Relaxing Yuan Zhi product and loved it. This new product Ylang-Ylang- and it is new and not just a name change - is advertised as a replacement for Relaxing Yuan Zhi i s a joke. Thinking it was the same I unfortunately bought three bottles which I have since thrown in the trash. This stuff has a strange smell and nothing like Relaxing Yuan Zhi, which smells heavily. MB has taken a great product and reduced it to an inferior product. Sad to say but they have lost a long-time and dedicated customer. February 9, 2014
    My must have beauty treat Fell in love with this scent after a hotel stay in NY. What a lovely treat that I now can't live without January 7, 2014
    No lather at all I have been a Molton Brown customer for years and while getting the body and bath products to lather up has always been difficult, suds are non-existent with all of the recent products ordered. Sign me as a former customer. January 1, 2014
    Destress with ease This shower wash is perfect just before bed when I don't want to use my Black Pepper. It's sweet and alluring fragrance will linger on the skin until you hop into bed. The smell helps me get whisked away into dreamland and will always be in my cabinet as a go to product. February 26, 2013
    Another delicious scent from MB I got it in a sampler shipment along with five other scents and didn't appreciate it to the full extend at first. But overtime it became one of my favorites. Sweet and sensual, it's not as complex as some other fragrances, but it's absolutely delicious and makes me happy and relaxed. There is something about this gel that makes it just right. February 5, 2013
    Life without MB is no life at all.... We have been using MB products since our 10th anniversary when we bought some at a boutique in Telluride Co. We celebrate 30 years soon. Love MB products and now both of my sons use them after I have them a gift pack for Christmas. Nothing finer than this. October 25, 2012
    How to feel very special! Makes me feel pampered, special and loved. My skin feels fantastic! July 31, 2012
    Our chill out, slow down, stop and smell the scent treatment My husband and I always enjoy the Molton Brown Products when we stay in our favorite hotel in New York City. This year we decided to purchase the yuan zhi bath and shower. This product makes taking a shower a truly relaxing time! Recommend it highly! March 27, 2012
    A big let down after reformulation This used to be my favourite of Molton Brown. After reformulation all the mystery is gone. Now the notes are very literal, somewhat in your face. There was lots of sophistication in the former Yuan Zhi - it's not there anymore. Please bring it back. I will pay more if need be. I will not buy Ylang-Ylang again November 13, 2016
    You don't need lavender to relax you when you have this! My nan, bless her, was nearly 100 years old when she passed away, and even SHE said that lavender was too old-lady for her! So, to relax you what do you do? How about ylang-ylang. I have to say I was totally put off by the colour as it reminded me of the "L" word, but it isn't like that at all. Think vanilla, soft, calming and certainly relaxing. It has it all. At the end of a horrific day, this just gets me ready for bed and relax mode. Team it with the candle and you have a winner! One star off as it really is just an end of the day kind of fragrance, and is perhaps quite a bit lighter than most, but still terrific. October 26, 2016
    Still my favourite ever bottle I still love the 'purple one'. Yes it has changed since the name change but I still absolutely love it! I even open the bottle to have a sniff when I'm not even going to have a bath! Love it! September 17, 2016
    Exotic and relaxing This body wash is by far the most exotic scent I've experienced in MB range. First I am glad they pretty much keep the scent just like the previous "Relaxing Yuan-Zhi" blend. Its texture is consistent and thick, and the smell is so alluring. This is a great unisex product with a hint of cedar wood which gives off a smoky feel but very sweet aroma from the top note of Ylang Ylang. I would rank this as my Top 5 MB bath wash. October 16, 2015
    A BIG let down Used to be an old favourite of mine, under it's previous name. Even my partner loved it and used to smell so nice after showering with it. Not only has the name changed, the formula has clearly also changed. Not a patch on the previous version. Bought as a treat but ended up being a waste of money. March 21, 2015
    pls get back to basics I will not use this product anymore. One fellow reviewer is right: Grocery quality. Pls return to the former formula; if it costs more...let me pay more. Errare humananus est, persevero ....... February 23, 2015
    Surprisingly Nice This one I had as a sample and purchased afterwards as its actually a very nice product. To me it doesn't stand out as one of my favourites of MB but its still a lovely scent that remains on the skin after the shower. I was a bit apprehensive as I have to agree with some other reviewers, the colour is a bit garish and looks intimidating on the bottle, (Unless that's your favourite colour!) but its very nice to use. December 30, 2014
    My must have shower treatment Fragrance is beautiful land lingers long after my shower December 28, 2014
    Love it. I love the perfume of the body wash. It is completely different to the body lotion. August 28, 2014
    Relaxation The Ylang-Ylang body wash is to die for! The smell is devine and after a long day the aroma makes you so relaxed you could fall asleep! I strongly recommend this body wash to anyone. I got given mine as a Christmas present and have used it quite a lot and still have quite a bit to go before finishing the bottle. Overall I am very happy with this product and will definitely be buying it again once I have finished the one I have! April 7, 2014
    A musky, relaxing treat! I received a bottle of this as a freebie when I spent a certain amount in store last month and I thought it was wonderful. It has a musky scent that can be very relaxing after a long day at work and a formula that lathers up nicely in the shower. One downfall is that the scent does not last very long on my skin post-shower but overall it's lovely. March 1, 2014
    Just lovely New range that I have not tired and it was a lovely new fragrance. January 1, 2014
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